Duncan Basheer Hannon has experience in medical law and has successfully resolved many medical negligence claims. Compensation may be available if it can be proved that a health professional failed to diagnose an illness or injury, failed to provide appropriate treatment in a timely manner, provided the wrong treatment or did not obtain consent for treatment.

Duncan Basheer Hannon personal injury lawyers have the experience and understanding to offer informed, expert legal advice in this field, as well as sensitive management of your claim.

If you have suffered an injury as a result of medical negligence, you or your family may be able to claim compensation. It is important that you seek the advice of a lawyer with medical negligence experience as these claims are often very complex.

Duncan Basheer Hannon lawyers can thoroughly review your circumstances and provide you with clear advice on medical law matters.

Are all medical errors considered negligent?

If you have suffered a bad outcome from medical treatment, this does not mean you have a right to sue the medical practitioner for negligence. For a claim to be successful it is necessary to be able to show that the treatment provided was of a lesser standard than would reasonably be expected of the medical provider. If there is a failure to meet the appropriate standard of care there are still many hurdles to jump prior to a successful outcome. Insurers will need full disclosure of your pre-existing medical conditions which may impact on the overall outcome.


Compensation is typically awarded for:

  • Pain and suffering.
  • Loss of income whilst recovering from the attributed negligence.
  • Future income/economic loss as a result of the negligence.
  • Costs associated with treatment, medications, nursing and rehabilitation to assist in the recovery process.

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