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- 26 Jun 2017
  • Wills & Estates

Advanced Care Directives

What are Advanced Care Directives?

It is a legal document where somebody appoints somebody where they like, know and trust, which we call to be an alternative decision-maker, to make decisions on their behalf to make health and lifestyle type decisions.  This will happen particularly in circumstances where they are unable to make those decisions for themselves.  Whether it’s because they lack mental capacity through accident, injury, infections or otherwise.

Does everyone need one?

I think so, yes.  I think it is important to minimise the stress on family members when you are incapable of making your own decisions.  It will give some guidance to your loved ones as to what is important to you in those stages of life.

Who should you appoint?

Somebody that you trust implicitly and act in your best interests considering how you would like to be treated as opposed to what they want.  Generally, our recommendation is your spouse in the first instance.  We also recommend that you appoint somebody in the alternate so there is some longevity attached to your plan.  In the event that your spouse is unable or unwilling, then an adult child/children.

Is it all about peace of mind?

It is, and also to take the burden off of family members so that they don’t necessarily have to make a decision guided by your needs and wants that are included in the Advance Care Directives document.


If you might be interested in getting an Advanced Care Directives document for your peace of mind, contact DBH Commercial Lawyers on 1800 324 324, or send us a message.