Our long-term commitment to social justice issues has led Duncan Basheer Hannon’s personal injury lawyers to represent thousands of South Australians in various class actions.

A class action streamlines the legal process for obtaining compensation for people with a common cause of action. The main benefit of class actions is that you can join a group of people to seek compensation in the one Court Action, which can significantly reduce your personal costs. For example, a group of employees of a certain company may have more success lodging a claim against an employer as a group than as individuals.

Duncan Basheer Hannon has successfully represented many thousands of clients in a large number of class action claims, including:

  • Goodwood Orphanage Physical Abuse
  • Wards of State Sexual Abuse
  • Medical Negligence
  • Church Sexual Abuse
  • Port Lincoln Bushfire Victims
  • Product Liability/Food Poisoning
  • DePuy ASR Hip & Knee Replacements
  • Dow Corning Faulty Breast Implants

Why participate in a Class Action?

When a group of people are linked to the one representational lawsuit, it gives those people a voice and the opportunity to work together to benefit the whole group. The intended outcome is a more timely resolution of your claim. The smoother and faster the process, the lower the costs that are incurred.

Current Class Action investigations:

TAFE Course Crisis Class Action

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