DBH Family Lawyers are trained and accredited to participate in collaboration.

Collaborative Law is a chance for you, your ex-partner and your lawyers to resolve a family law dispute outside litigation. Advice is given in an open and transparent way throughout the process. This can ultimately result in minimizing the emotional strain and costs associated with a separation.

Collaborative practice involves an intention and commitment to work together in good faith to negotiate a settlement.

You will both be represented by lawyers trained in collaborative negotiation who will agree to exchange information in a cooporative manner. Everyone involved will participate in the meetings and, if needed, experts will be hired to provide additional information and support.

Advantages of Collaborative Law

  • Everyone involved is committed to not escalating a conflict.
  • The lawyers and professionals involved are highly trained to help you through the negotiations.
  • There is an increased liklihood of the preservation of relationships.
  • Hostility and conflict is minimised.
  • You retain control over the process and outcome.
  • Solutions are tailored to fit individual circumstances.
  • Maximises privacy.
  • Creates potential for cost savings.

To find out whether Collaborative Law is the right path for you and your partner, Duncan Basheer Hannon offer a free, no-obligation first appointment where we will explain the process in more detail and you can decide which path is the right one for you

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