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Peter Jackson

- 22 Mar 2023
  • Medical Negligence

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DBH on FIVEaa!

This morning DBH Lawyers Partner Peter Jackson was on 5AA with Matthew Pantelis where he spoke about the recent errors found in cochlear implant recipients from the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Peter’s main take away message was:

“Technology to help babies born deaf, or with hearing deficiencies, has never been better. Cochlear implants have the capacity to improve hearing and therefore listening and spoken language skills. Early diagnosis and intervention is crucial. To be diagnosed promptly, but then let down by an avoidable error is a cruel blow to all families involved. 

The service failed to monitor implants for at least four years, meaning that many of the children have significant speech and global delay, which will likely impact on them for the rest of their lives. We are already supporting families impacted in this tragic case, which will have a lasting impact on not only the children, but their families.”

If your child or children have been affected by the Women’s and Children’s Hospital error and you need advice regarding what compensation you can seek, contact Peter on FREE-CALL 1800 324 324 or by email