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- 7 Apr 2015
  • Family Law

Two against one: Why representation in the Family Court benefits you

If you and your partner are separating and have issues that you can’t resolve on your own, you may find yourself at Family Court where a judge will decide for you.

You don’t need a lawyer to go to Court. However without one, you might not get the outcome you are hoping to achieve.

Getting advice from an experienced family lawyer is always a good idea. When talking to a lawyer, some good questions to ask are “what is the likely outcome?” and “how much it will cost?” before you actually go to Court.

With this information, you can make an informed decision about the best way to proceed.

Most lawyers have “seen it all before” and can advise you what to expect in Court so there are no surprises.

In Court, first impressions do count, especially in the Family Court where the Judges have wide discretion in their decision making.

Your lawyer will act as a buffer between you and the Judge and they will help the Judge see you in the best possible light.

A good lawyer will also test your evidence and what you say before you go to Court so you’re comfortable and prepared.

Having the evidence you give in Court  tested is important to ensure it isn’t discredited or manipulated by your former partner and his lawyer, as this might affect your credibility and ultimately the outcome of your case.

Real Courts are not like a courtroom on TV, so call an experienced family lawyer and know that you are in safe hands.