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- 7 Apr 2017
  • Family Law

Grandparents Rights

In the event of a separation, what is your advice to grandparents?

If grandparents are able to see the children when their son or daughter see them, probably the best thing they can do is be supportive of that son or daughter in that situation.  They should try and remember that things will calm down, they should try to be supportive and not interfere.

However, often grandparents are the stable aspect of a child’s life, if there are issues with health or drug use, sometimes the grandparents are the most stable element.  They may need to get some legal advice on whether they should be stepping up and asking whether the children live in their care.

If you are a significant person in a child’s life, the law is quite clear that you should be able to maintain a relationship with that child and it is important that the child has a relationship with their extended family.

If the grandparents are not seeing the children at all, because they are a significant person in a child’s life, there are legal remedies, including going to court and getting some orders so that they have some time with the grandchildren.

Is it okay for grandparents to call a lawyer?

Absolutely.  It’s often better if they know what their rights are and how they can help their children and grandchildren.


If you are a grandparent and are wanting to find out your legal rights of seeing your grandchild, we suggest you call DBH Family Lawyers on 1800 324 324 or send us a message.