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Industrial relations law in South Australia

Industrial law is complex with the penalties for any breaches can result in significant fines and other penalties. There’s also the issue of adverse media attention if a dispute escalates.

It’s vital that your industrial issue is handled correctly right from the start in order to avoid unnecessary and unwanted problems and penalties.

Our industrial expertise includes a seamless service from the beginning to end of a dispute, including media services. We can help your organisation efficiently negotiate industrial agreements, and minimise the effect of any industrial activity.

Industrial relations issues

When you’re running a business, some issues can snowball if not properly managed, causing damage to the bottom line, business reputation or even the workforce. One example is industrial relations issues.

Any disruption to the workplace or the workforce can have a serious impact on how the business functions. When industrial issues arise, it’s important that they’re managed quickly, effectively, and with the best legal advice.

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Our Industrial Law services

We provide a full range of industrial law services, including:

  • Enterprise agreement advice
  • Enterprise bargaining negotiation and representation
  • Injunctions
  • Advice and claims for the protection of confidential information
  • Negotiations with employee organisations
  • Representation in tribunals including the Fair Work Commission and the Federal Court of Australia

South Australia’s industrial relations specialists

With our broad workplace knowledge, we’re experts at negotiating enterprise agreements and managing industrial disputes.

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    legal team

  • Enterprise

    bargaining negotiations

  • Industrial

    dispute representation

  • No-nonsense

    commercial advice

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