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What is workplace relations law?

Workplace relations law is an umbrella term that refers to working relationships in a workplace, not just the relationship between employer and employee.

An organisation’s relationships with independent contractors, sub-contractors and even volunteers may be regulated by workplace relations laws, depending on the situation. It’s crucial that the relationship between organisations and their workers is robust and that work terms and conditions are clear and enforceable.

That’s why Australia has workplace laws that regulate employment relations.

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Our workplace relations services

We offer a range of workplace relations services to employer organisations.

  • Employment Law

    Whether you’re facing a termination of employment claim, performance management issues, equal opportunity or discrimination concerns, we can help with expert advice and practical solutions.

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  • Workplace Health and Safety

    We negotiate with WHS regulators, conduct risk management and compliance audits and develop workplace safety policies and procedures.

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  • Managing Workplace Injuries

    If your organisation is a registered employer, managing workplace injury issues is a significant and complex task. Our expert legal assistance is an invaluable tool to have in your kit.

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  • Industrial Relations

    With our broad workplace knowledge, we’re experts at negotiating enterprise agreements and managing industrial disputes.

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Adelaide Workplace Lawyers

Reliable workers are the heart and soul of Australian organisations. A great workforce helps an organisation operate smoothly, make a profit and contribute to the economy.

Our workplace relations and employment lawyers are among the nation’s best. If you’re an employer, we’re here to help you, no matter what your employment law issue.

Why choose DBH?

  • Comprehensive workplace relations services
  • Recognised industry leaders
  • Proud history of workplace relations legal practice
  • South Australian specialists

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