Challenging a Will

If you are left out of a Will or you receive a gift under a Will which is unfair, you may have a right to claim a bigger share of the Estate. If you are the spouse, child or financial dependent of the deceased, and their Will has not made provision for your proper maintenance and support, you can make a claim against the Estate.

There are a number of factors to determine what is “proper maintenance and support” including:

  • Your relationship with the deceased.
  • The size of the Estate.
  • Your financial circumstances including who is financially dependent upon you.
  • Your current health status.
  • The people named in the Will and their relationship with the Deceased.
  • The people named in the Will and their financial circumstances.

Strict time limits apply if you want to challenge a Will, so we strongly encourage you to speak with our highly experienced Wills and Estates Lawyers as quickly as possible to ensure you don’t lose your right to claim.

Our team will assess your situation to see if you have a legitimate claim to challenge the Will, and assist you with your claim if you satisfy the criteria and have been left without adequate provision.

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