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Julie Height

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Julie Height

P: (08) 8216 3368

Julie is an experienced estate and commercial lawyer with a particular interest in estate planning, having over 20 years’ experience in this area and a keen interest in disputed estates. Having spent many of her early years as a litigator, Julie has developed a strong appreciation for the value of sound exit strategies in all business and personal dealings. Julie’s experience as a long term board member of not-for-profit organisations has also lead to developing a keen interest in associations and resulted in having a strong client following in this area.


Member – Law Society of South Australia


Bad Will over $7 million dollar inheritance

Whether it is $70k, $700k or $7m, it is vital you are sure your Will directs your estate to the people you choose.

A recent news story of a court battle over a $7 million dollar estate has sparked controversy, as the surviving cousins of a wealthy spinster will receive a greater share, while the children of the cousins who died before her will not receive any inheritance.

Ms Farrelly’s Will was made a decade before her death, with the language in the Will not very clear.

This case highlights the importance of;

  • Using precise language when writing a Will
  • Obtaining sound legal advice; and
  • Reviewing and if necessary updating your Will regularly – DBH Wills and Estate Lawyers suggest at least turn your mind to this every 3 – 5 years

DBH Will and Estate Lawyers specialise in all areas of Wills and Estates law, providing experienced legal and personalised service to guide you through all phases of your Estate Planning.

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Click the link below to read the article in The Advertiser.

‘Bad Will over $7m inheritance’ – The Advertiser – Thursday 28 September


Free Planning Ahead Wills & Estates Seminar

Are you prepared?

Living an enjoyable and happy retirement is so much easier when you know you’ve effectively planned for the future.

DBH Wills & Estates expert Julie Height along with Centennial Park Cemetery, will be providing a free seminar to equip you with information on Wills and Estates, Advanced Care Directives and Powers of Attorney and to answer your questions.

Plan ahead and get on with life!

When: Tuesday, August 29
Time: 10:00am-11:30am
Where: Centennial Park Cemetery Jubilee Complex, Mawson Lounge
Free event

Light refreshments will be provided

Spots are limited only so register by clicking the link below, or call Sheree from Centennial Park Cemetery on 8275 2291.

Register here.

Advanced Care Directives

What are Advanced Care Directives?

It is a legal document where somebody appoints somebody where they like, know and trust, which we call to be an alternative decision-maker, to make decisions on their behalf to make health and lifestyle type decisions.  This will happen particularly in circumstances where they are unable to make those decisions for themselves.  Whether it’s because they lack mental capacity through accident, injury, infections or otherwise.

Does everyone need one?

I think so, yes.  I think it is important to minimise the stress on family members when you are incapable of making your own decisions.  It will give some guidance to your loved ones as to what is important to you in those stages of life.

Who should you appoint?

Somebody that you trust implicitly and act in your best interests considering how you would like to be treated as opposed to what they want.  Generally, our recommendation is your spouse in the first instance.  We also recommend that you appoint somebody in the alternate so there is some longevity attached to your plan.  In the event that your spouse is unable or unwilling, then an adult child/children.

Is it all about peace of mind?

It is, and also to take the burden off of family members so that they don’t necessarily have to make a decision guided by your needs and wants that are included in the Advance Care Directives document.


If you might be interested in getting an Advanced Care Directives document for your peace of mind, contact DBH Commercial Lawyers on 1800 324 324, or send us a message.

The neccessity of having a Will – Part Two

In part two of Julie Height’s informative talkback session with 5AA’s Jade Robran, Julie answers more questions from callers about Wills & estates.

Julie talks about; testamentary trusts, inheritances, the difference of being in a Will and being a power of attorney, what happens if a person dies without a Will, and the terms and conditions of making someone an executor of your Will.


Listen to part two of the interview here.