Amalia Addabbo

Amalia Addabbo

Senior Associate - Currently on maternity leave

P: (08) 8216 3319


Nakisha Catford

Amalia Addabbo

P: (08) 8216 3319

(Currently on maternity leave)


Amalia specialises in the areas of General Commercial, Corporate Advice & Structure, Commercial Agreements, Commercial Leasing and Commercial Litigation. She was admitted to the Supreme Court of South Australia in 2001.


Member – Law Society of South Australia

Board Member – Coordinating Italian Committee Inc.

Board Member – Salisbury Business Association


Preparing a Will

How important is it to see a lawyer to do a Will?

Making your Will is one of the most important documents you will ever do.  Your assets and the way in which you create your Will needs to be structured in such a way so that when the time comes that your estate needs to be administered, the thought process and the drafting of the Will has already been created so that the administration process is as smooth as possible.

What will a lawyer ask?

I will ask you about your estate, what your assets are, what your family comprises of, do you have children, do you have a partner, and how is your family comprised.  Then we will turn to executors and the role of the executorship.  And, if you have minor children, do we need to consider testamentary trusts and do we need to think about guardians for those minor children?  So there are a number of questions that we will be asking even before we start drafting.  These are important factors in the drafting process.

Is it expensive or time consuming?

In comparison to what your estate is worth it is actually insignificant.  When you think about what the cost you think a Will is and the time that you take to prepare the Will.  You meet with the Solicitor for an hour or so and then they will go away and prepare the Will.  You will then come back for another appointment.  Of course, the time to prepare a Will depends on the size of the estate.  In comparison to what you’ll be saving in the long run, the cost of preparing a Will is actually nominal and certainly a cost that should be spent.

If you would like to prepare or revisit your Will, Free call us on 1800 324 324 or send us a message.

DBH Commercial Lawyer Amalia Addabbo appointed to Salisbury Board

DBH are proud to support Senior Associate & Commercial Lawyer Amalia Addabbo as a board member of the Salisbury Business Association.

Amalia has enjoyed being part of a real community atmosphere and servicing clients from the DBH Salisbury office at 30 Ann St, Salisbury.

Amalia hopes to continue contributing to the Salisbury Business Community and utilising her experience with building successful Associations.

Click the link below to see Amalia in September’s edition of the Salisbury Business Association newsletter.


‘Spotlight on Salisbury City Centre’ – 26th September 2016