At Duncan Basheer Hannon, we understand that Family Law is both complex and emotional.

With a team of specialist Family Lawyers, you can trust DBH to assist you through these difficult and challenging times.  DBH offer an obligation free appointment.  Free call 1800 324 324.

We are here to help and, with our collaborative approach, you can be assured that we will be there for you, keeping you fully informed throughout the entire process. We have both male and female lawyers who can advise you – it is your choice as to whom you will feel most comfortable talking about such sensitive matters.

If you are going through a deeply personal crisis, it is hard to know where to begin. Not only do you have to sort out the emotions that you are feeling, but you will also have to deal with assets, children and parenting arrangements. When you decide to seek legal advice, your lawyer will want to hear your story. This background information may seem too private to share but can be crucial to the success of your final outcome. This first interview will also be a time to talk through any number of issues including your finances, children and relationship problems such as family violence.

Remember, your friends and family will give you advice and tell you about their own experiences so be aware that they may not know the law or recognise important differences in your particular circumstances. Our lawyers are here to support and guide you through what may be a longer process than anticipated as, in many instances, your ex-partner, who you once knew so well, may become a completely different person after you have separated.

What are the best interests of your children?

The process of separation and divorce can have a significant affect on your children and so, their best interests should take precedence in your family law dispute. It is important that their needs are carefully managed and considered during this time. It is recommended that despite personal grievances, you and your ex-partner should work together to minimise the trauma and stress that your children may experience. The courts will expect you to act reasonably in relation to the welfare of your children.

Click here to find out when you should contact a family lawyer and the types of questions a family lawyer will ask.

Can I go straight to mediation to settle my parenting and property disputes to save on time and legal costs?

You can go straight to mediation with a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner in relation to your parenting dispute. We do however recommend that you obtain legal advice first so that you are aware of your rights and obligations as a parent. You can have your lawyer present at a private mediation to assist you to make your decisions in regard to future parenting arrangements. If you can’t resolve the dispute at mediation, or the other party fails or refuses to attend the mediation you will be provided with a Certificate of Attendance that is required by the Court should the matter proceed to Court.

Sometimes parenting and property issues are entwined and it may not be possible to reach an agreement in regard to one issue without agreement as to the other. In these circumstances we recommend you seek advice from your lawyer as to the best course of action to achieve the result you are seeking at mediation.

In relation to the division of your property we recommend you instruct your lawyer to assist you to properly prepare for your mediation. That way it is far more likely that the matter will resolve at mediation and you can finalise your financial relationship by consent in the early stages rather than by Court intervention. Property division can be quite complex and it is worthwhile having all the necessary details and sound advice so that you are well aware of the advantages and disadvantages to you before you make decisions that will affect your financial future. The finalisation of your financial relationship with your partner is a very important step in assisting you to move on as a financially independent person. We support the mediation process as a useful way to resolve matters early in an informal setting, however there may be traps in regard to your property division that are best avoided by ensuring you have good advice and proper preparation before you engage in mediation.

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