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Building and construction lawyers

When you’re faced with a construction dispute, the faster the resolution, the less costly the project is likely to be.

Whether you’re building a home or overseeing the construction of a multi-level office tower, building disputes can be stressful, expensive and time-consuming.

Why do construction disputes arise?

Every construction dispute is different, but there are also some important similarities.

Any building project is a significant undertaking, but the larger the project, the more difficult it is to plan for every contingency. This means that building contracts often don’t contemplate some of the circumstances that lead to problems. Usually, it’s these uncertainties that are the cause of any dispute and legal action.

Construction delays are another common problem that lead to disputes.

The parties often disagree over who caused the delay and who should bear the additional cost. If a developer wants acceleration of a project, issues can arise if the work isn’t done properly. There can also be disagreement over who should bear the cost of the acceleration.

Design errors and poor-quality work can also lead to disputes.

It’s essential to have a building contract that is clear and caters for as many contingencies as possible. In our experience, a well-drafted building contract is your best defence against derailment of a project due to a dispute.

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With the backing of our commercial law team, our building and construction lawyers offer extensive legal services including:

  • Construction contract drafting and negotiation.
  • Construction contract review
  • Planning and development approval
  • Identifying legal issues and negotiating resolutions
  • Building and construction litigation
  • Dispute resolution including mediation and arbitration
  • Conveyancing for residential and commercial properties

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