DBH Commercial Lawyers understand that your business or organisation must navigate a variety of employment, work health and safety and discrimination laws to achieve ongoing financial success and security.

Our team, led by Dylan Steel, find solutions for the full range of employment law disputes and regularly assists employers during the course of investigations and prosecutions by work health and safety regulators.

Workplace issues are complex and require legal management and advice as it is a necessity to comply with evolving laws. We will regularly provide you with up to date information on amendments in law and assist with decisions which may impact upon your business.

DBH Commercial Lawyers understand legal solutions must be tailored to a clear business/organisation objective. We work closely with you to balance your goals with “best practice” workplace relations, policies and procedures.

We offer expert advice and service in the following areas:

Employment and Industrial Relations

  • Employment contracts including contractor agreements and collective agreements.
  • Termination disputes, unfair dismissal claims.
  • General protection claims.
  • Restraint of Trade matters.
  • Business Restructuring advice.

Work Health and Safety

  • Risk management and compliance.
  • Coronial inquests including advice and representation during the investigation and prosecution stages.
  • Negotiating with Work Health and Safety regulators ( State and Commonwealth).
  • Development of policies procedures and risk management practices and systems for employers.

Workers Compensation (State and Commonwealth)

  • Advising on claims made by employees.
  • Representation in all facets of workers compensation matters (employers).
  • Advising on Discrimination and harassment claims (employers).
  • Advising on Termination of employment (employers).

Equal Opportunity and Discrimination

  • Policy development and implementation.
  • Representation in various tribunal and courts.

Risk Management Solutions

DBH Commercial Lawyers possess a comprehensive understanding of a wide variety of workplace environments and can identify strategic risk management solutions to suit your needs. We can significantly reduce the risk of claims against employers and if needed, resolve matters when they arise.


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