Liquor licensing regulates and controls the sale, supply and consumption of alcohol and encourages responsible attitudes. Gaming regulations ensure that business is conducted responsibly.

The DBH Commercial Law team understands all aspects of Liquor Licensing and Gaming and boasts some of the most experienced solicitors in the State.

If you are buying or selling a liquor or gaming business, you need the best advice.

We can also assist you with new applications, variations and disputes with the Liquor Licensing Commission and provide you with advice that will be prompt and accurate on all matters relating to compliance and transactions.

We can offer special assistance with:

  • Liquor and Gaming transactions
  • Licensee obligations
  • License types
  • Liquor license fees
  • Noise and disturbances
  • Responsible service
  • Liquor subsidy scheme
  • Landlords
  • Buying/selling of your business

Our team can also advise on Gaming including:

  • Gaming machine licenses
  • Gaming machine entitlements
  • Gaming machine trading rounds
  • Gaming tax
  • Fees and charges for Gaming applications
  • Responsible gambling


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