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Duncan Basheer Hannon

- 31 Jul 2014
  • Workplace Relations

Breaching a company policy may not be grounds for dismissal

What constitutes appropriate internet use in the workplace? If you have signed a company policy on internet usage and breach this, is it a sackable offence?

Many employees sign company policies when they start a new job. However, if a worker breaches this policy sometime in the future, it doesn’t mean they can automatically be fired for it. In some cases it can be argued that the policy was not highlighted to the workers on a regular basis, meaning they may not have realised that they were doing the wrong thing.

Geraldine Hannon, Partner at Duncan Basheer Hannon, chats to Will Goodings on 5AA and explains what your rights are as an employee with reference to a case from 2010 where two Australia Post workers were sacked for emailing inappropriate material while at work.