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    Legal Alert – COVID-19

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    Unravelling the employment related issues arising from the Coronavirus outbreak

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    The Murky World of Independent Contractors

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    State of South Australia vs Roberts: When an injury arises in the course of employment

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    The difference between having a psychiatric injury and being stressed – for the purposes of your legal claim

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    “What’s this medical assessment for?”

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    Workplace Accidents

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    “I have just injured myself at work. What do I do?”

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    I have an accepted workers’ compensation claim in South Australia. What entitlements do I have?

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    Are your workers’ compensation weekly payments less than the national minimum wage?

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    South Australian Employment Tribunal determines what is suitable employment

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    Industrial Negligence Claims

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    Have you been employed by a labour hire company and been injured on a work site?

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    The consequences of office Christmas parties

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    Call for urgent review of “unfair” workers’ compo law

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    DBH Welcomes changes to Workplace Laws

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    My friends say I am going deaf! I worked in a noisy job. Could it have caused hearing loss?

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    Unfair Return to Work scheme

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    How will WorkCover changes affect you from 1 July 2015?

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    Big changes to WorkCover in 2015

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    Office christmas parties – what could possibly go wrong?

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    Making the first call to a lawyer

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    Breaching a company policy may not be grounds for dismissal

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