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- 22 Jan 2015
  • Workers Compensation

Big changes to WorkCover in 2015

WorkCover should mean cover at work. You get hurt, you’re covered. When you’re better, you go back to work.

Yet, as we enter 2015, South Australia has a WorkCover scheme that is the worst performing in the nation.

We have the worst premium rates for employers, the worst back-to-work figures, the biggest cost blowouts, the biggest debt.

In short, WorkCover has become an unwieldy beast. But as we welcome in a New Year, there is a ray of hope and 2015 could well be remembered as the year this beast was tamed.

From this month you will already start noticing some fundamental changes.

More than 1500 people who’ve been receiving weekly payments from WorkCover for longer than two-and-a-half years will be offered a lumpsum payment.

This is a significant change in direction by WorkCover and, while it will cost around $100 million, it represents a commitment to “clearing the books “ going forward.

It’s also a move that will win broad support as it can be very hard to get people off WorkCover once they’re on it.

Don’t forget, many workers just want to exit the scheme with dignity and get on with their lives. This now lets them do just that.

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WorkCover changes article – The Advertiser – 21 January 2015 p. 20