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- 20 Jun 2014
  • Wills & Estates

Why you need a Will

A common misconception is that Wills are only for the elderly or those with a significant estate. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your Will is arguably the most important document you will sign in your lifetime.

Without a Will, the distribution of your estate is dictated by the provisions of the Administration and Probate Act 1919 (SA) which means your family and friends may no receive your valuable assets.

If you don’t speak to a solicitor regarding the preparation of a valid Will, you may risk the financial wellbeing of your family and you also may expose those you have left behind to the extra cost and difficulty of obtaining Letters of Administration instead of a routine Probate application.

We also do not recommend that you prepare your own Will or use what is commonly known as a “Home Will Kit”.

There are many potential pitfalls which can arise from such Wills, the most common of being problems with meeting the requirements for valid execution of a Will as prescribed by the Wills Act 1936 (SA).

Once again, in failing to have a professionally prepared Will, your executors may experience unnecessary difficulty administering your estate at a time when they will not need the added concern.

Having a valid and up to date Will is a crucial part of your estate planning process.

A valid Will allows your estate the best chance of being dealt with more quickly and cheaply than if you die without one.

DBH Wills & Estates lawyers specialise in the preparation and making of a valid Will to ensure that your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes.