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- 29 Sep 2017
  • Wills & Estates

Bad Will over $7 million dollar inheritance

Whether it is $70k, $700k or $7m, it is vital you are sure your Will directs your estate to the people you choose.

A recent news story of a court battle over a $7 million dollar estate has sparked controversy, as the surviving cousins of a wealthy spinster will receive a greater share, while the children of the cousins who died before her will not receive any inheritance.

Ms Farrelly’s Will was made a decade before her death, with the language in the Will not very clear.

This case highlights the importance of;

  • Using precise language when writing a Will
  • Obtaining sound legal advice; and
  • Reviewing and if necessary updating your Will regularly – DBH Wills and Estate Lawyers suggest at least turn your mind to this every 3 – 5 years

DBH Will and Estate Lawyers specialise in all areas of Wills and Estates law, providing experienced legal and personalised service to guide you through all phases of your Estate Planning.

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Click the link below to read the article in The Advertiser.

‘Bad Will over $7m inheritance’ – The Advertiser – Thursday 28 September