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    Estate Administration

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    What is the difference between estate planning, estate disputes and estate administration?

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    You never know how long you’ve got

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    Bad Will over $7 million dollar inheritance

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    Advanced Care Directives

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    The neccessity of having a Will – Part Two

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    The necessity of having a Will – Part One

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    Preparing a Will

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    The importance of safeguarding your Will

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    How to challenge a will

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    Accepting requests to become a Power of Attorney

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    Do you have a valid Will?

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    Do I need a will?

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    What are the children in blended families entitled to in a Will?

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    Making the first call to a lawyer

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    Push for a new way forward on Wills

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    Advanced Care Directives: Changes to the laws concerning the appointment of medical attorneys

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    Why you need a Will

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