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- 4 Mar 2015
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False terrorist accusations could lead to a criminal conviction

With terrorist threats often in the news, there’s been a timely reminder about the dangers of making a false report to police.

The home of an Aldinga beach was stormed by a SWAT team following a tip-off to police that the man was a terrorist.

The tip-off turned out to be a hoax and has left the man and his family extremely upset.

The man has been arguing with his in-laws about a family inheritance and believes that they may be the ones responsible for the police call.

The lesson is it is a criminal offense to make a false report to police.

If you are convicted, you could wind up with a fine or up to two years imprisonment.

You could also be made to pay for the costs of the police investigations.

As well as a criminal conviction, making false accusations leaves you exposed to a defamation case.

Think before you act at a time like this.

If you are fined and sued for defamation, you could find yourself losing a lot more money than the inheritance you were initially fighting for in the first place.