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- 14 Sep 2015
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Charlie and Jars have the ride stuff for the DBH Road Raise


FATHER and daughter duo Andrew and Charlie Jarman are gearing up to ride 970km from Adelaide to Melbourne next month but, not surprisingly, they are opting for different preparations.

Charlie, 24, is physically preparing for the week-long ride by actually training.

Andrew, 49, is hoping mental toughness will make up for fitness he may be lacking while on the open roads.

“I’m doing the physical activity while dad is mentally preparing for it,” Charlie said.

“We’ve done one ride together up Norton Summit and he was ready to go home.”

The pair will saddle up for the inaugural event dubbed, the ‘DBH Road Raise’, which runs from October 11-16 and aims to raise funds and awareness for CanTeen.

“I’m fine tuning the mind for a brutal ride. Don’t worry about the Tour de France, this will be tougher and harder,” Andrew said. “Forget the Lycra, I’ll be wearing my footy gear and sandshoes and I’ll do 170km a day and they’ll just sit behind me.”

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The Sunday Mail – 13 September 2015 – page 3