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- 24 May 2016
  • Personal Injury

Work Injury Causing Death

Most of us return safely to our families after a day’s work.

However, the unfortunate reality is that from time to time, fatal accidents or injuries happen in the workplace and some people never come home.

When a loved one dies, families are left to grieve and process their loss.

Yet, once the initial shock has passed the often uncomfortable topic arises:

How are we going to afford our ongoing household and life expenses without our main income earner?

If you are a spouse, partner or child who is dependent upon a person who has died at work, you are entitled to lodge a claim for compensation under the Return to Work Act SA 2014.

Compensation that may be available to you includes:-

  • Weekly payments.
  • Lump sum payments.
  • Payment of funeral expenses.
  • Payment of counselling services.

We understand that grieving the death of a loved one is a deeply difficult and personal process.

An unexpected death resulting from a work injury can result in further difficulties and complications and that’s when we are here to help you.

So if you have lost a loved one because of a work injury, please contact one of our experienced Personal Injury Lawyers via our contact page, or free call 1800 324 324 about how we can assist in your time of need.