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DBH Lawyers

- 23 Aug 2017
  • Personal Injury

When do you need a Lawyer?

When is it time to call a lawyer?

This is always a hard one, not every legal matter needs a lawyer.  A common example is a speeding ticket.  You probably don’t need a lawyer for that.  Other situations involving legal disputes, or a challenge, or a legal deal may mean it is worth your while having lawyers involved.

A list of some of the times when you might need a lawyer are;

  • When you’ve been injured
  • When you’ve been in an accident
  • When you need an estate plan
  • When you require a Will or a power of attorney
  • When someone has died
  • When you are asked to sign a contract
  • In the case of divorce
  • Family law matters
  • Anything that involves handcuffs

So, a lawyer is necessary throughout life?

Yes, that’s right.


To find out more about how to decide whether it’s time for you to see a lawyer, please send us a message or free call us on 1800 324 324.