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- 7 Jun 2018
  • Personal Injury

“Non-Seriously Injured Workers” who require surgery may be able to claim compensation.

Making a legal claim for medical misdiagnosis

“Non-Seriously Injured workers” are people with a whole person impairment of 29% or less.

If you are a “Non-Seriously Injured worker” who was receiving weekly payments until 28 June 2017, your entitlement to medical expenses will expire as at 28 June 2018.

If you are a “Non-Seriously Injured Worker” who suffered an injury after 1 July 2015 and require surgery after your entitlement period for medical expenses has ended you can still make an application for funding to cover the cost of that surgery only if an application is made prior to the expiry of your medical expenses entitlement period.

How do I lodge an application with a workers’ compensation claim agent?

A lawyer can help you with the preparation and lodgement of the application to make sure it complies with the relevant law. Seeking legal advice about this matter is urgent because further information (like a report from your doctor) may be required to complete the application.

Whole Person Impairment Assessment

If you have not already undergone a Whole Person Impairment assessment, you should arrange this as you may be eligible for a lump sum payment for economic loss and pain and suffering.

What do I do about my ongoing medical expenses?

Medical expenses such as medication, physiotherapy appointments and doctors’ appointments will need to be paid for by you (or claimed on Medicare or with your private health insurer, where possible).

We recommend that you meet with your usual doctor as soon as you can for advice in relation to any ongoing/further treatment that you may require so that, where possible, medical treatment (like radiological scans) can be arranged and medication scripts can be filled, before 28 June 2018 (whilst those expenses are still compensable).

DBH are here to help.

If your medical expenses are coming to an end and you need assistance, contact DBH Lawyers and speak to one of our workers’ compensation specialists for professional advice.

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