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- 24 Feb 2016
  • Personal Injury

Injury When Travelling on an Aircraft

“I’ve been injured on a flight!  What do I do now?

Air travel, for business or pleasure, is something many of us do on a regular basis.

And, once we’ve taken off and settled back in our chair, it’s a good time to relax, read a book, enjoy a movie.

However, just because your flight is on its way, doesn’t mean you are not at risk.

Of course, there are the obvious major threats to your safety but what about the little things that can go wrong?

The plane hits turbulence as you are going to the bathroom?

Hot drinks are spilled on you?

A bag falls out of the overhead locker?

A loose beverage trolley rams you?

These types of issues, while unlikely to be life threatening, can cause you injury, financial loss and inconvenience and you may be entitled to compensation for medical expense, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Airlines are generally responsible for injuries that happen on board as a result of an accident from causes external to the passenger.

This means that unless the airline can establish negligence on your behalf, then it is responsible for damages.

From time to time, other parties can also be responsible such as manufacturers or component suppliers.

If you think you have grounds for a claim, remember too to keep any documents like boarding passes, itineraries, photos that may be useful in pursuing a claim.

While the law allows you up to two years to lodge action, it’s best to get things underway while it is fresh in your mind.

That also means any compensation to which you are entitled, will be received more promptly.

So if you think you or a family member may be eligible, call DBH today or, if you are still travelling, contact us via our website at or ask a family member to get in touch.