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Amy Nikolovski

- 22 Dec 2015
  • Personal Injury

Have you been involved in a low impact car accident?

Have you been involved in a relatively minor or low impact motor vehicle accident? Do you feel that as a result you have sustained significant injury? There’s a good chance you have, and that you are entitled to reasonable compensation.

After a relatively minor or low impact collision, you may think that you shouldn’t feel any lasting or serious injury. However, both the courts and medical experts suggest this isn’t always the case.

The South Australian Supreme Court comments in Giamarelos v Motor Accident Commission [2013] SASC 138 that low speed and minor vehicle damage are “not conclusive of the type and severity of the injuries which can be sustained.”

There may also be more elements at play than you realise, for example, factors such as the point of collision can have significant effects in terms of the pressures exerted on the driver during a collision. In Chajka & Chajka v Preston [2005] SADC 21, medical experts before the court stated a rear end collision with a tow bar will have a greater effect on the rear ended driver, than a collision involving the crumple zone of a car.

Just because the collision was minor, does not mean your injuries are minor.

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