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- 10 May 2016
  • Personal Injury

Do you form part of the class?

Class action lawsuits allow you to sue for injuries along with others who have suffered in the same way against the same person or company.

In Australia, the majority of these types of actions are ‘opt-out’ class actions.

This means that you will form part of the class action automatically with the option to ‘opt-out’ if you don’t want to become involved.


There are many advantages of being part of a class action.

For a start, if there are a lot of claims, it makes sense and is more practical for them to be considered together.

Secondly, it is a more efficient way of dealing with what can be a lengthy and complicated matter.

Thirdly, acting as a “class” will keep your legal fees lower and finally, it provides you with the opportunity to receive damages.


DBH Lawyers has a strong background in class actions and we are currently representing claimants in a class action DePuy and Johnson & Johnson arising from the faulty ASR hip implants. 

Johnson & Johnson was the producer and distributor of the ASR hip implants, whilst DePuy was the manufacturer.

In this class action, each person must have had surgery where they were implanted with the faulty ASR implant.

Many complications have arisen for those that have undergone the surgery, including having to undergo further operations, constant pain, infections and heart problems.

The matter recently settled for a total sum of $250,000,000 ($250M).

This is a good example of the benefits of being involved in a class action.

So, if you or any of your friends or family have a possible case, contact one of our experienced Personal Injury Lawyers via our contact page, or free call 1800 324 324 and we will be happy to advise you of your best course of legal action.