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- 18 Dec 2014
  • Personal Injury

Most missing out – Compulsory Third Party insurance scheme

I find myself in agreement with some of the sentiments expressed by SA Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis in his opinion piece “Better result for serious crash victims” (The Advertiser, 12/12/14), but not his conclusion.

CTP insurance attaches to the car, so that any driver of the car who negligently injures another is covered for losses suffered by the injured person, including “the lost chance to live the life they had”.

As a long-time contributor to the CTP scheme it is my hope in the event that someone is injured through my negligent driving that they will be treated fairly – treatment costs, loss of earning capacity and recognition of the loss of the life they had. The current CTP scheme fails to achieve these aims for 70 per cent of motor vehicle accident victims.

It is worth remembering a victim cannot sue outside the CTP scheme, so these uninsured losses are borne by the injured person.

The Treasurer correctly notes that the Lifetime Support and CTP schemes are separate schemes. Accordingly, any improvements to the rights of the non-catastrophically injured victims cannot take away from the rights of the catastrophically injured.

Lawyers must continue to speak out on behalf of the 70 per cent who miss out, as it is clear the Minister responsible for motor accident victims will not speak up for them.

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