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Anita Brunacci

- 21 Jul 2021
  • Family Law

What to do if you are in a Domestic Violence situation during the State lockdown

Written by Anita Brunacci


South Australia is currently in a 7 day lockdown to keep the community safe from COVID-19 transmission, and while staying home may be the best way for this to occur, sadly, not everyone’s home is a safe place to be.

The government has acknowledged these risks and as such there are no restrictions on people leaving home for their own safety, such as to escape Domestic Violence or seek medical help.

Family members and support persons can also leave home to assist someone escaping Domestic Violence or requiring assistance if that has caused, or may cause, homelessness, or health concerns, whether physical or mental.

Anyone who needs to leave their home due to violence should seek professional assistance as soon as possible, and DBH Lawyers are here to help.

For a full list of the current Level 5 restrictions, including reasons to leave home to provide care and support as well as essential services please go to