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Anita Brunacci

- 21 Jul 2021
  • Family Law

Parenting Arrangements During Lockdown

Written by Anita Brunacci

With the start of another 7 day lockdown South Australian’s will be experiencing an upheaval to their daily routines. This can be particularly stressful for separated parents or those who rely on family to assist in providing care to children.

Despite the current Level 5 restrictions the South Australian Government has confirmed that parents, family or friends, can still leave home to provide care for other children if their parent or guardian must attend work as an essential worker.

People can also leave home to comply with shared parenting arrangements, whether that be under a Court Order or otherwise agreed between parents. While strict compliance with Orders or a Parenting Plan may not be possible due to the closure of changeover locations or travel bubbles the Chief Justice has stated that where strict compliance is not possible the spirit of the Order should be complied with. For instance if families would normally meet inside a local restaurant for changeover of children, meeting in the carpark may be the most logical solution.

DBH Lawyers recommends that, if possible, anyone leaving home for this purpose keep with them a copy of their Court Order or Parenting Plan documenting these care arrangements in case they are queried by SAPOL and should you have any questions about how your agreement may operate over the next 7 days DBH Lawyers are available to assist you.

For a full list of the current Level 5 restrictions, including masking requirements and essential services please go to