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DBH Lawyers

- 8 Jan 2015
  • Family Law

New Year’s Eve flashpoint for couples to call it quits


COUPLES are turning New Year’s Eve parties into lawyers’ picnics, with more heading to Splitsville than on any other day of the year.

Lawyers and relationship experts say the traditional day of celebration is also the one that brings the most heartache, and warn excessive drinking makes bad situations worse.

Adelaide family law expert Megan Dansie said couples often decide to stay together for Christmas, especially if they have children.

“But once those festivities are over and they face the prospect of summer holidays together, it all becomes a bit much,” she said.

“We see a real spike in inquiries throughout January which then leads into the second most popular time to call it quits, which is as soon as the children go back to school. Women in particular come in just after school comes back.”

Ms Dansie, the head of family law at DBH Lawyers, said there were twice as many divorce proceedings in the UK in January than in any other month.

“I would say it would be similar here,” she said.

“There’s probably more pressures in Australia than in the UK because we have the long summer holidays and people are home from work for longer.

“There certainly can be some nasty (break-ups), especially if alcohol is involved.”

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