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- 31 Mar 2015
  • Family Law

Hide and seek: Getting financial documents through Family Court

Would you be suspicious if your ex-partner accidently supplied the wrong financial information to the Court?

It is essential that the financial documents you give are 100% accurate, otherwise they will be picked apart by the other side.

Early in the proceedings you will need to complete a Financial Statement which is a form that lists your income, expenses, assets and debt.

If you don’t understand how to fill out the form ask your lawyer for help as any mistakes could look like you’re hiding something.

This can then lead to a lot of suspicion and distrust that you simply don’t need when you are already trying to cope with a very stressful situation.

It also can slow things down while you are asked more questions, meaning the final resolution is delayed and your costs could blow out too.

We know that when you’re in a dispute about money, it’s hard to think about spending even more money on a lawyer.

But drawn out court proceedings will end up costing you more in the long run and engaging a lawyer to get the forms right in the first place will be money well spent.