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- 23 Mar 2015
  • Family Law

Who gets the dog? Family Court and your pet custody disputes

They say a dog is a “man’s best friend” which can prove to be be very true when a couple splits up and both want to keep custody of their loyal friend.

But how does a Court decide who gets the dog?

Dogs are treated no differently than property when a couple divides their assets during separation.

If you came into the relationship with the dog, it is very likely you will leave with the dog.

If you bought the dog as a present for your ex-partner, the Court will probably let them keep the dog.

Remember that in the eyes of the Court, dogs are considered the same as property so possession is key.

If the dog is living at your house after you split up, it is likely the Court will say that the dog should stay with you, regardless of whose name the dog is registered under.

Keep in mind that some rental accommodation does not allow pets.

Make sure you look into this before moving if you want to keep the dog.

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