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- 17 Jul 2017
  • Family Law

Emotional Conflict: Why you need representation in family disputes

Our relationships with our partners and children are personal not legal.  The breakdown of these relationships leaves us at our most vulnerable. Despite the personal nature of these relationships, we face legal issues after separation. 

When assessing your personal legal rights and your children’s legal rights, you can be clouded by emotion.  This usually causes an emotional conflict and it is difficult to deal with without assistance. It is advised that when in this situation, you seek legal advice in the form of Family Lawyers to assess your legal rights and resolve any complex legal issues.

In addition to Family Lawyers, you may wish to engage counsellors or other support services during this time.  This will help you and your children to cope with the emotional conflict.

The role of a Family Lawyer in family disputes is to address the legal issues, identify any risks and assist the parties to come to an agreement or settlement.  During this process, a Family Lawyer will listen to your concerns and attempt to understand your emotional conflict.  A Family Lawyer will separate the legal issues from your emotional suffering.  This separation is difficult to achieve if you represent yourself.  Parties who are self-represented in family law proceedings can become overwhelmed and clouded by their emotions.

At DBH Lawyers the Family Law Solicitors will attempt to resolve the matter out of court and at minimal cost.  The parties may participate in mediation or informal negotiations.  If you have concerns about the pressures of court and the associated cost, DBH Lawyers can assist you by attempting to resolve your matter without attending Court.

If you have been served with court documents in the Federal Circuit Court or Family Court it is imperative that you seek legal advice.  There is an imbalance of power when one party is self-represented and the other is legally represented.

In property settlement matters, it is crucial to speak to a Family Law Solicitor about your full legal entitlement. Once you have heard and understood your full legal entitlement, you may wish to engage a Solicitor to negotiate on your behalf, or engage in your own negotiations.

It is imperative, firstly, in Family Law disputes that you understand what your legal entitlement is and what the legal issues are.

So, what step can you take to assist you and your children?

Firstly, contact DBH Lawyers to book a consultation with a DBH Family Law representative to discuss the appropriate next step and what your legal rights are.   

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