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- 2 Apr 2015
  • Family Law

Even if you’re not married, you could still end up in Family Court

When a relationship breaks down, it’s not just married couples that wind up at the Family Law Courts where a Judge can make a decision on their living arrangements.

In certain situations, the Family Law Courts can be asked to sort out property arrangements or child care arrangements for a couple, even if they aren’t married.

The circumstances where the Court can get involved are:-

  1. if you are in a de facto relationship and have been with each other for more than two years; or
  2. are in a de facto relationship (for any length or time) and have a child together.

A couple is considered to be in a de facto relationship if they are not legally married to each other but live together like any married couple would do. The classification is the same regardless of whether it is a male/female or same sex couple.

So if you’re separating from your partner and you’re not married, it’s a good idea to speak to a lawyer to find out what you’re entitled to.