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- 3 May 2016
  • Divorce Law

Dealing With Domestic Violence Through Divorce

Everyone has the right to feel safe, whether in public or in your own home.

Family law courts know the impact that domestic violence can have on victims and their children.  Being exposed to domestic violence can harm children emotionally, even if they are not harmed physically.

If you are threatened or at immediate risk, you should call for police attendance.  If the threat is not immediate, you can make an appointment to see a specialist domestic violence office at your local large police station.  They can discuss Intervention Orders or other options.


Domestic violence services can give you support with counselling, housing and home security.

Family law courts have to take domestic violence into account when deciding on arrangements for your children.  If the children have been or are at risk of being exposed to violence or abuse, the abusive parent may have less time with them. Sometimes their time is supervised, or hand overs take place through a Children’s Contact Service.  In some cases, the violent parent may not see the children at all.

Domestic violence includes assault, threats, emotional abuse, and financial abuse.

If there is domestic violence, you can apply to court for orders in relation to children without the need to try mediation first.  Everyone who goes to court about their children has to file a Notice of Risk which tells the court about domestic violence, child abuse, neglect or drug use that impacts on the children.


There are special security arrangements available at the court to keep you safe. Your lawyer can help you to access them.

For more advice about how to keep yourself or your children safe though a divorce or separation, contact one of our experienced family lawyers via our contact page or call 1800 324 324.