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    Why do medical malpractice claims in Australia take so long to resolve?

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    Medical misdiagnosis and legal claims

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    Can I claim compensation if I contract Hepatitis A from contaminated food?

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    “Non-Seriously Injured Workers” who require surgery may be able to claim compensation.

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    State of South Australia vs Roberts: When an injury arises in the course of employment

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    The difference between having a psychiatric injury and being stressed – for the purposes of your legal claim

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    “What’s this medical assessment for?”

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    Workplace Accidents

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    “I have just injured myself at work. What do I do?”

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    I got food poisoning at a restaurant, can I sue?

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    What should I do straight after a car accident?

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    Can I sue if something goes wrong during labour?

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    I was sexually abused as a child and want legal advice about making a claim. What should I expect at my first appointment?

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    I was sexually abused as a child. Will this prevent me from bringing a compensation claim as an adult?

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    I have an accepted workers’ compensation claim in South Australia. What entitlements do I have?

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    I am employed in South Australia but I was injured interstate. Do I have any entitlements to compensation?

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    When do you need a Lawyer?

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    Free CPD Networking Event for Doctors – The Return to Work Act

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    I have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in South Australia. Are there any time frames that I should be aware of?

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    Are your workers’ compensation weekly payments less than the national minimum wage?

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    Industrial Negligence Claims

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    Have you been employed by a labour hire company and been injured on a work site?

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    Light sentencing for dangerous driving

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    I would like to make a claim for compensation as a result of sexual abuse when I was a child – what evidence is needed to establish that claim?

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    When medical errors are negligent

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    CPD Event for Doctors: The Return to Work Act

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    When a trip to the shops costs more than you bargained for

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    What to do if you suspect your child is being bullied at school

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    Can I sue my child’s school for negligence?

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    “I’ve just been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Do I need to contact the insurance company or a lawyer?”

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    Cyber Bullying

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    Can I make a workers compensation claim if I hurt myself whilst socialising with clients?

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    I would like to make a claim for compensation as a result of sexual abuse when I was child. Who will pay the compensation?

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    Changes to Workers’ Compensation

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    Time limit on child abuse cases in South Australia ‘shameful’

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    Human error led to embryo loss

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    Investigating a medical negligence claim – what should I expect?

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    Can I claim compensation for injuries sustained as a result of a dog attack?

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    Road Deaths

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    How do I prove a work injury that no-one can see?

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    High-whisk breakfast left 83 ill from scrambled eggs

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    Families’ futures dashed by loss

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    Penalties for dangerous driving

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    I got hurt at work, but how do I know if I can claim?

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    Cause of Intercontinental Salmonella Outbreak

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    Adelaide hotel food poisoning victims consider legal action as toll climbs

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    Admit child abuse liability, South Australia told

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    Worse than childbirth, says salmonella victim

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    Prostate cancer false results

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    CTP Motor Accident Commission Issue

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